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Millennials and Gen Z and organized religion

Carol this most recent podcast hit a homer in for me . You picked a topic that certainly must resonate on college campuses around the country . But particularly the religious based schools . Keep up the excellent work .

Just Great!

In full transparency, I listened because I am an LMU staff member who is fascinated by generational differences. But I kept listening because the conversations are very real and relevant. This is a great podcast for anyone who interacts with other humans!

Very Relevant!

Love this podcast and it’s relevant tone with our current political climate.

Love it!!

What a refreshing and new podcast! Touches on what is relevant now and gives two sides to an issue! Bravo!!’n


Love this, Carol! Listen to this people — it’s brilliant and so needed right now. Much love, my friend. Poppy


Carol Costello once again proves she can talk about timely topics with grace and thoughtfulness.

What is LMU?

As with everything she has done, this podcast is informative and excellent. However, Carol makes one unfortunate error, she assumes everyone understands a very regional acronym. LMU. Is it Louisiana Missionary’s Understand? Losing My Underwear? Lower Minnesota Underground?