I Hate Your Generation

I Hate Your Generation

We are in the midst of a generational war. Stereotyped by age. We malign one another – mercilessly. I Hate Your Generation examines why through conversation between people of different generations.
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Episode 13: Dear God, I'm an Atheist

Oct. 20, 2020

Gen Z increasingly wonders if anything is there or, if there is, what? According to Pew, most Ameri…

Episode 12: A Millennial Olive Branch

Oct. 6, 2020

An in-depth conversation with the author of Ok, Boomer, Let's Talk: How My Generation Got Left Behi…

Episode 11: BLM vs Police

Sept. 29, 2020

A candid conversation between a law enforcement officer and a young, activist journalist. This is a…

Episode 10: Dad, Try Socialism

Sept. 22, 2020

Can a parent – even a Democratic dad – be progressive enough for his Gen Z kids? Um. No. Kat Donova…

Episode 9: Cancel Culture Hypocrisy

Sept. 15, 2020

Gen Z is adept at cancel culture, but Baby Boomers, including President Trump, are pretty good at i…

Episode 8: The Blame Game

Sept. 8, 2020

Millennials blame Boomers for their economic woes and the country’s cultural divide. Many Boomers r…

About the Host

Carol Costello

Carol Costello is an award-winning journalist and former anchor and correspondent at CNN and HLN. Her distinguished career as a local, regional, and national broadcaster spans three decades, covering a broad range of world leaders, events, and politics. She has won an Emmy Award for her reporting on the crack/cocaine epidemic, a Dupont for her coverage of the Indonesian tsunami, and 2 Emmy award nominations for broadcast performance and best morning show. Carol also participated in CNN’s Peabody-award winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina, and the 2008 presidential election. She now teaches journalism at Loyola Marymount University and serves as LMU’s first lady. Her current passion is healing the nation’s divide one small step at a time.